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A digital solution for storing, sharing and accessing medical images with ease. With Pixray PACS, healthcare providers can make more informed decisions and improve patient outcomes

More About Pixray PACS

The PACS solution provides a centralized platform for storing, accessing, and exchanging imaging data across various specialties. It caters to the imaging needs of both small clinics and large medical institutions, offering clinicians instant access to images and data with just one click. The solution also includes a Vendor Neutral Archive for comprehensive storage and retrieval of imaging data.

The solution is cross-platform, comprising advanced image viewing and reporting workstations with tools like MPR, MIP, Paired Navigation, and Scoliosis for specialists accessible via both web and mobile interfaces.

Built on an advanced technology platform and leveraging industry standards, the solution is developed in-house without any dependency on third-party software, making it feature-rich and customizable as per evolving needs…

Highlights of Pixray PACS

Pixray multi-platform multi-OS PACS

Multi-platform Multi-OS Multi-tenant Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)

Multi-OS Multi-device Image Viewing

Easy-to-use User Interface

Fast and Robust Image Transmission and Access


Benefits of Pixray PACS

An excellent alternative to hard copy

Physical medical images, such as film archives. As the cost of digital storage continues to decrease, it provides a cost and space advantage over film archives. Moreover, it allows instant access to previous images within the same institution.

Remote Access

Expands the possibilities of conventional systems by enabling off-site viewing and reporting, including telediagnosis and distance education. It enables practitioners in various locations to simultaneously access the same information, making it ideal for teleradiology.

A platform for Electronic Image Integration

– Pixray PACS offers an electronic platform for radiology image interfacing with various medical automation systems, such as Hospital Information System (HIS), Radiology Information System (RIS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and Practice Management Software (PMS), among others

Radiology Workflow Management

Radiology personnel utilize Pixray PACS to manage their workflow of patient exams. The use of PACS system yields significant benefits for the diagnosis, referring physicians, patients, as well as the hospital and medical center

Pixray PACS – Editions

Pixray BASIC

Feature One

Feature Two

Feature Three


Feature One

Feature Two

Feature Three


Feature One

Feature Two

Feature Three

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