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Ellíder Healthcare Information System

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Ellíder is a sophisticated Hospital Information System that offers comprehensive automation solutions, business intelligence, and mobility capabilities suitable for hospitals of any size. Its powerful features streamline all hospital departments, including front office, clinical, electronic medical records, administrative, and inventory functions. This platform allows healthcare service providers to build flexible service processes, centralize end-to-end processes, and extend seamless services to patients. Ellíder Advanced Hospital Information System helps you to:

ellider HIS

Determine the hospital's most profitable revenue stream

Increase patient

Increase patient throughput in lesser time

Optimize the hospital's operations

Optimize the hospital's operations

Minimize resource effort

Minimize the resources and efforts required to operate the hospital

Positive Response

Provide a positive experience for both patients and medical professionals

Prevent revenue loss

Prevent revenue loss

Why Hospital Information System?

Hospitals require a secure and robust IT infrastructure to cater to challenges such as:

Why hospital information system

Lack of profitable growth

Substandard care

Substandard care with limited resources

Why Hospital Information System

Increased patient demands

Data overload

Defective interdepartmental communication

Integrating Ellíder Hospital Information system can help hospitals efficiently manage data, improve benefits and revenue, and streamline patient care on a single platform.

Ellíder Highlights

ellider highlights

Streamline hospital operations and processes, improving efficiency drastically

ellider highlights

Enhance productivity and capacity of resources

hospital information system

Treat multiple patients in the same timeframe

Hospital information system

Eliminate theft, unnecessary waste, and other forms of revenue loss.

Hospital management system

Streamline complicated structures and improve communication between departments

labor cost minimization

Optimize resources and assets

labor cost minimization

Minimize manual labor, and enhance clinician, staff, and patient satisfaction

Positive Response

Monitor hospital performance and pinpoint areas of high revenue generation and weaknesses.

Increased Interdepartmental

Quicker diagnosis and delivery of treatments

Increased Interdepartmental interaction

Quicker access to informations

Quicker and easier availability of Information in all departments

Enhanced Medical Record Management

Dealing increased number of investigations, surgeries, admissions, etc.

Dealing increased number of investigations, surgeries, admissions, etc.

Dealing increased number of investigations, surgeries, admissions, etc.

Enhanced prescription realization

Less ALOS and readmissions

Why Implement Ellíder HIS

Web-based application

Web-based application

Web-based application with multiple hospital settings

World healthcare regulations

Worldwide healthcare regulations

Comply with Worldwide healthcare regulations including ICD-10, DICOM, HL-7, NABH, JCI, and others

On premise, Cloud, or Hybrid

Deployment options -on-premise, cloud, or hybrid

Comprehensive solution

Comprehensive solution

A comprehensive solution for all dept. processes from start to finish

Highly scalable and customizable

Highly scalable and customizable

Highly scalable and customizable: implemented at single-doctor clinics or large multi-chain hospitals

Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics integrated with BI to track performance

Real-time analytics

Mobile applications

Mobile applications for doctors, nurses, and patients

Additional Benefits

Additional benefits

Additional benefits such as equipment interfacing & database management

Modules of Ellíder

Outpatient Management

Outpatient Management

EMR Records

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)



Finance and store management

Finance & Accounting

House Keeping and Laundry Management

Modules of Ellíder

Inpatient Management:

Diagnosis and management

Diagnostics Management

Pharmacy and store manangement

Pharmacy & Store Management

Management information

Management Information System

Optional Modules

Vconsult Teleconsultation Solution

Patient Care Appointment Booking Mobile App

Queue Management System

Patient Portal

Database Management for Hospitals

Optional Modules Ellider

Business Intelligence Solution for Hospitals

Doctor’s and Nurses Mobile Application

Patient Self-servicing Kiosk

Bulk Email & SMS Management

Lab Equipment Interfacing Services for Hospitals

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you struggling to manage a sea of information and processes involved in running a hospital? Look no further than Ellíder Hospital Information System.

Ellíder is a comprehensive management solution designed to streamline all aspects of hospital operations, from managing patient records to billing. With Ellíder, you can increase efficiency, reduce errors, and provide better patient care. Read on to learn more about Ellíder HIS.

Ellíder HIS is a Hospital Information System that automates various specialties and departments in a healthcare service provider. It also offers additional modules for back-office system automation, including finance, HR, inventory, and assets.

The software has undergone several cycles of feature improvements over time, which were derived from various installed bases. Ellíder now encompasses all software requirements that hospitals of any size may need. 

Since Ellíder HIS is a browser-accessible, web-based application, it is essential to have strong internet connectivity to use the platform. 

Ellíder HIS supports both on-premise and cloud-based deployments

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