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Mediware Hospital Management System

Innovative Software Solution encompassing automation of essential clinical, administrative, and financial functions

Mediware Hospital Management System- Overview

Mediware Hospital Management System, which was launched in 1997, is a locally-created, all-inclusive solution that automates fundamental clinical, administrative, and financial operations, as well as other crucial aspects of a healthcare environment. Mediware’s core clinical features facilitated optimal delivery of coordinated clinical care practices, while its administrative and financial capabilities streamlined operational processes. With enterprise-wide access to timely information, the Mediware Hospital software empowers healthcare providers to provide exceptional patient care.


Mediware Hospital Management System

Reduce overhead costs

Reduce overhead costs such as hiring staff for record-keeping, purchasing office supplies, and maintaining infrastructure

Waiting Time decrease

Waiting Time decrease

Waiting Time decrease for the physical files’ arrival

Inter-departmental movement

Inter-departmental movement

Swift inter-departmental movement of patient information

Access from anywhere

Access from anywhere

Can be accessed even from home- mobile app android & iOS

Access from anywhere

Multiple locations

Convenient for practices involving multiple locations

Rise in number of patients attended

Rise number of patients attended

Rise in the daily number of patients attended to

e prescribing

e-prescribing & clinical documentation

e-prescribing & clinical documentation involving digital images

Decrease in errors in medical practice

Decrease in errors in medical practice

Decrease in errors in medical practice, resulting in increased accuracy

Quicker and improved treatment decisions

Quicker and improved treatment decisions

Quicker and improved treatment decisions

Digital Environment

Digital environment

Advantages of the digital environment in terms of saving space

Improved search function

Improved search function

Customizable or scalable

Customizable and scalable

Customizable and scalable: the capacity to handle many medical record

Enhanced disaster recovery

Enhanced disaster recovery: An EMR system with a backup plan recovers lost documents

Billing processes

Improved integration with billing processes


Serves large hospital

Serves hospital with 100-1100 beds

Mediware Hospital Management System

Used by 45,000+ users and 4000+ doctors

Patient records

Handles 10+ million patient records


Manages 60,000 OP and 22,000 IP data/day


14 NABH/JCI Hospitals

Essential Modules

Front office

Front office management

General Administration Management

General administration management

Clinical Management

Clinical management

Radiology Information System and PACS

Housekeeping and laundry

Housekeeping and Laundry management

Essential Modules mediware

Pharmacy management

Inpatient management

Inpatient management

Laboratory and blood bank

Laboratory and Blood Bank management

Finance Management

Finance management

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