Lab Equipment Interfacing Services

Our app covers all your devices, protects you from DDOS attacks and offers you complete safety.

More About Product

Datamate has accumulated valuable experience in all aspects of interfacing in the laboratories. The company has interfaced more than 200 models of medical laboratory equipment, third-party applications, and systems in hospitals across India and abroad over the last 25 years.

Upsides of Interfacing Medical gears

Better Sample Analysis

Faster & High Precision results

Increased Productivity & Functionality

No more Manual Entries & Errors!

Efficient Report Generation

Improved Trust among patients

Things to do before Interfacing Equipments

Ensure there are no barriers created by technology, licensing, environment or pure technical limitations

Appoint a dedicated point of contact to coordinate all activities of the hospital with Datamate

Depute relevant resources for gap analysis, necessary artifacts

Our Clients